Average daily motor vehicle traffic

Road segment

1988-2019 — Number

Road traffic of Danish vehicles on Danish roads

Means of transport

2000-2019 — M vehicle km

Rail traffic

Type of transport

1990-2020 — 1,000 train km

Call of cargo vessels on major ports

FlagstateType of vesselUnit

1997-2020 — -

Call of vessels on Danish ports

SeaportType of vesselGross tonnage (GT)

2007-2020 — Number

Call of cargo ships and cruiser ships on major Danish ports

SeaportType of vessel

1997-2020 — Number

Danish registered aircraft 1st January


1990-2021 — Number

Departures/arrivals of flights in Copenhagen Airport (experimental statistics)

Type og flightDirection

2020M02D16-2021M09D19 — Number

Workday passenger index in the Copenhagen Metro (experimental statistics)

Seasonal adjustment

2020U01-2021U37 — Index

Road traffic on the bridges of Storebælt and Øresund (experimental statistics)

BridgeType of vehicle

2019U01-2021U35 — Number

Road traffic index (experimental statistics)

Type of vehicleAreaType of indicator

2020U10-2021U31 — Index

Port calls in Danish ports (Experimental statistics)

Part of the countrySeasonal adjustmentUnit

2017M01-2021M08 — -

Daily number of vessel (Danish AIS-data) (experimental statistics)

Index type

2017M01D01-2021M09D19 — Index

Road network
Road network

Part of the countryType of road

2007-2020 — Km

Investments in the road network

Type of investmentUnit

1990-2019 — M dkk

Railway network
Railway network 1st January

Railway systemUnit

1990-2021 — -

Investments in railway network

Type of investmentUnit

1990-2020 — M Dkk

Investments in railways' rolling stock

Type of investmentUnit

1990-2020 — M Dkk

Call of vessels, passengers and throughput of goods in traffic ports


2007-2020 — -

Investment in seaports

Price unitType of investment

1992-2019 — M Dkk

Public manned airports

AirportLength of runway

1997-2020 — -

Fixed investments in airports

Type of investmentUnit

1992-2019 — M Dkk

Activities on public manned airports


1990-2020 — -

Flight operations on bigger, manned Danish airport

AirportFlightType of transport

1990-2020 — 1,000 units

Pipeline network


1981-2019 — Km

Investments in the pipeline network


1980-2019 — M dkk