Cinemas and films
Danish cinemas, cinema screens and seating capacity

Cinemas/sale/seatsSize of cinema

1980-2019 — number

Activity in Danish cinemas


1980-2019 — -


RegionKey figuresSize of cinema

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Cinemas/ticketsType/target groupThe film first performance in DenmarkNationality

2007-2019 — -

Cinema movies

Cinemas/ticketsFilm categoryType/target groupCensorshipNationality

2007-2019 — number

Cinema movies

Key figuresShowing weekNationalityType/target group

2007-2019 — per cent

Literature and books
Book releases


2007-2018 — number

Book production

SubjectOriginal languagePublished onMedia

2007-2018 — number

School books and children's books

SubjectType of bookEditionMedia

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SubjectPublication typeMedia

2012-2018 — number

Book releases, commercial

SubjectExtentEditionMediaOriginal language

2009-2018 — number

Daily newspapers and magazines
Daily newspaper

Key figuresPublication dayGeographical coverageReadership interval

2007H1-2018H2 — number


Key figuresPublishing frequencySubjectReadership interval

2007H1-2018H2 — number

Trade journal

Key figuresPublishing frequencyIndustryReadership interval

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Newspaper readers

ReleaseGeographical area

2010H1-2018H2 — 1,000 people

Internet, Radio and TV
Broadband subscriptions

Type of broadband

2000H2-2019H1 — number

Active internet subscriptions

Number and sharePrivate and business

2002H2-2019H1 — number

Advertising turnover


1999-2017 — m DKK

Turnover from internet

Type of advertising

2000Q1-2018Q4 — -