Category of museumType of museumActivity

2009-2018 — number

Activity at Danish museums (departments)

RegionCategory of museumType of museumActivity

2016-2018 — number

Zoological and botanical gardens
Activity in Zoos and Aquariums

RegionType of zooActivity

2016-2018 — number

Listed buildings and ancient monuments
Protected buildings

RegionType of buildingYear of construction

2012-2018 — number

Protected ancient monuments

RegionFarm category

2010-2018 — number

New protections and de-protections


2012-2018 — number

Activity and staffing of the Danish National State Archives

ArchiveKey figures

2007-2018 — -

Activity and staffing of the National Danish Archives (State Archives)

Key figures

2011-2018 — -

Activity and staffing of the city and local archives

RegionKey figures

2011-2017 — -