Retail trade index
Retail Trade Index

Industry (DB07)

2000M01-2017M11 — index

Retail Trade Index

Commodity groupIndex type

2000M01-2017M12 — index

Retail and wholesale trade, by goods
Sale of motor vehicles, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles etc.

IndustryProduct GroupUnit type

2015-2015 — per cent

Retail trade

IndustryCommodity groupUnit type

2012-2012 — per cent

Wholesale trade

IndustryProduct groupUnit type

2008-2013 — per cent

Sales of organic product to food service

Customer groupsUnit

2013-2016 — -

Sales of organic products to food service

Commodity groupUnit

2013-2016 — -

Stocks of wholesale
Stocks of manufacturers and wholesale

Industry (DB07)Type of stock goodsPrice unit

2001Q1-2017Q3 — DKK mio.

Changes in stocks of manufacturers and wholesale

Industry (DB07)Seasonal adjustment

2001Q1-2017Q3 — DKK mio.